What do Gerrymandering and Tinder have in common?

Not much, right now… But they will! Nothing like a good old fashioned clickbait title to lure unsuspecting readers, right?

As part of the ChiPy 14-week program, I am developing a tinder-styled, educational game about gerrymandering. One of the requirements of the program is to maintain on ongoing blog on the project — so get ready to read all of the juicy deets on how to swipe right on this session’s hottest congressional districts.


The game itself will allow the user to swipe right or left on images of congressional districts (swiping right means the user perceives the district to be gerrymandered and vice versa).

It’s a match!

Depending on the user’s guess, the app will display information on the district, including previous court cases and the calculated gerrymander index score. The gerrymander index score was calculated using geographical compactness, voter wastage, and redistricting control. More info here.


1 Ideation, determine concept
Gathering data
Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
Web Framework/ Flask Intro
5 Flask, SQLite, Python, HTML
User Input Buttons
7 Scores, Counters, and Sessions
8 Front End
9 Testing/ Troubleshooting
10 Deployment
11 Future Plans